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Happy Fourth of July, Virgos!!

Hope you all have lots of fun, but stay completely safe!!!


fanny packs, guys.. fanny packs…


The past week or two.. I’ve been thinking.. how come fanny packs went out of “style”…. seriously.. they were the most coolest and convenient things invented!!! I swear.. If I knew somewhere that sold them.. I would wear them… everyone… my wallet, keys, a diaper, small thing of wipes, some fruit snacks, a hotwheel & lip gloss….

Does anyone else agree? Or am I just completely losing it.. because I think they were fucking amazing. & I just want one!



I get so bored guyssss.



Any moms and dads following me? A few friends of mine & myself have started a facebook page to share stories, and advice. Just to have some fun! It’s not specifically for Virgos, it’s for everyone. We just made it last night & are still up and coming. Send me a message/ask if you follow & share us & i’ll give you a shout out on here! Thanks, Virgos. <3

Anonymous: I knew I wasn't the only one i always somehow remember the little things around me I find it to be both a blessing and a curse

I agree completely! Because of a Virgos good memory, it makes us better workers. It also makes us even better planners. I know I can write down my daily schedule and I’ll remember exactly how I wrote it and if I forget the paper at home, it’s no big deal. (: Other times that little detail you want to forget about, you always think about, you always remember it!

Anonymous: Do Virgos normally have great memory?

I’m working on a post now about memory! Virgos remember their surroundings more than any other sign! They also are better at remembering faces and/or names. Virgos may try to forget something, but no matter how hard they try that memory isn’t going to go far!

awkwardpothead: i wana be a sing|actress would that be a good carreer for a virgo ? or . .

It’s definitely not in the top best careers for a Virgo, BUT if you check out some Virgo celebrities you’ll notice a lot of them are AMAZING. Very particular & always want to be the best. They do anything and everything to be number one & work VERY hard. Not to mention, they are extremely determined. Virgo’s can be anything they want. (:

slowly-drowning-in-the-shallows: I'm virgo c: Follow for follow? c: <3

That’s my personal account. I’ll follow you on there. (: 

I also noticed a lot of what I posted before are kind of girly pictures. That’s going to change. There are guys that follow this blog and I want them to want to reblog my posts that don’t include lip gloss & heals! (: 

awkwardpothead: my birthday is September 14 c: wut celebrities were bornon my birthday ?

Logan Henderson. Amy Winehouse. Andrew Lincoln. Ashley Roberts. Nas. Larry Brown. Katie Lee. Kristen Renton.

avocadohalvesonostrichleather: I love this blog it's so cute! My birthday is September thirteenth.

Thank you (:

Niall Horan. Tyler Perry. Ben Savage. Milton Hershey. Dave Mustaine. Swizz Beats. Fiona Apple. Stella McCartney. A.J. McCarron. Michelle Duggar. John J. Pershing. Brad Johnson. Tavis Smiley. Joe Don Rooney. 

A lot of talented people were born on your birthday, many were brave and extremely smart. (:

jdshelnut: August 27th :)

Alexa Vega. Pee-Wee Herman. Mario. Lyndon B. Johnson. Sarah Chalke. Cesar Milan. Chandra Wilson. Kayla Ewell.